Projected Growth Consulting
📞: 1 (877) 742-0742   
Projected Growth Consulting
📞: 1 (877) 742-0742   
 IMPORTANT: The valuable resource you requested is on its way to the email address you provided! Due to factors outside of our control, it could take up to 10 minutes for you to receive that email. While you wait, read the page below to learn how to increase your practice’s revenue by over 30% in 90 days (or less).
Want To Increase Your Practice's Revenue By Over 30% In 90 Days?
we've grown our client's practices by over 30% in 90 days (or less) & you can too! find out how below!
The Aesthetics Industry Growth Playbook
A Step-by-Step blueprint showing how to increase your practice's revenue by 30% in 90 days (or less). Download Your Copy Today!
Here's What You'll Find Inside This Valuable Download:
  •  Case Study #1: How The Discounting of Services Prevented Growth in This Louisiana Practice (And What We Did To Stop The Discounts And Double Their Revenue) ~Page 3
  •  Case Study #2: How To Install Our Proven Strategy Used To Grow This California Dermatology Clinic by 30% (We Use This Simple Strategy To Grow All Our Clients’ Practices By At Least 30%) ~Page 4
  •  The Simple, “No Fail" Strategy That Grows Our Clients' Practices By An Average Of 30% Almost Immediately (Copy This fool Proof Strategy Today, Start Growing Revenue Tomorrow) ~Pages 5-6
  •  How To Identify Your Practice's “Superpower" Service To Focus Your Efforts (And Increase Revenue Almost Immediately) ~ Pages 7-9
  •  The 3 Bulletproof Components Of An Ironclad Marketing Plan (So Simple To Put in Place No Matter Who Handles Your Practice’s Marketing) ~ Pages 10-13
  •  And Much More In This 23-Page Download!
“Working with Kelly and her team at PGC has been a truly positive experience for our Facial Plastic Surgery practice. They bring to the table a vast knowledge of industry market trends. They are a valued partner in our growing business.”

Chad A. Glazer, MD
Glazer Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery - Michigan City, IN
“Our work with Kelly Smith and the PGC Team has been a vital part of our growth and success.”

Scott T. Guenthner, MD 
Plainfield, IL
“Very friendly, approachable and professional. Overall excellent performance!” 

Jordan P. Sand, MD
Spokane, WA 
“I have benefited from Kelly and her team’s extensive knowledge of the business side of operating an aesthetics business. I have worked with them for over a year!”

Brian Stolley, MD
President, MediSpa Maui - Maui, HI
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